Welcome To Psychotherapy Research

The growing demand for evidence-based practice and the professionalization of psychotherapy means that psychotherapists are increasingly being called upon to do research. It is a requirement of UKCP that accredited training centres/institutes teach research methods and MIP believes that research is essential to the further development of psychotherapy as a credible and independent profession

The visiting research trainer  at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy is Dr Linda Finlay, a well known writer on research. In her work as an Academic Consultant, Linda teaches psychology with the Open University and offers training/mentorship on the use of qualitative methodology. She is a qualified occupational therapist and is currently completing training requirements to become registered as an Integrative Psychotherapist. Her particular research and therapy interest is the use of existential phenomenology to explore the lived experience of trauma and disability

She has published widely including four books since 2003: ‘The Practice of Psychosocial Occupational Therapy’ (Nelson Thornes); ‘Qualitative Research for Allied Health Professionals’ (Wiley), a volume co-edited with Claire Ballinger; and ‘Reflexivity: a Practical Guide for Researchers in Health and Social Science’ (Blackwell), a volume co-edited with Brendan Gough. Her latest book is on ‘Relational centred research for psycho therapists’ which she co-authored with Ken Evans (Wiley).

This site  then is is the research site for the Manchester Instititute for Psychotherapy.On this site we will be publishing various research papers in the area of psychotherapy,some will be from established researchers and some from our students on our Transactional Analysis 4 year training programme at MIP.